Pantene Natural Shine Booster Essence

7 Dec

DSCN0938 I have a case of the grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side-of-the-fence. I envy long, smooth, soft manes that thick and wavy but not poufy. My hair is thick but buhaghag. When I move my head to shake my hair around, the hair is NOT going to fall back in place.

It was long and I had it rebonded. But I am tired of the high-maintenance rebond, the long and painful process, the cost of a good product/salon, and I got scared na of the chemicals.

So nagpakatotoo na ko. Since I outgrew the rebonded hair, I cut it short at lumabas na ang kulot. But I still want soft, shiny hair.

I wanted to adopt a natural, chemical-free lifestyle pero hindi pa ko ready to wash it in beer, coat it in eggs, or smear it with mashed fruit (avocados, bananas…). I’ll take some artificial ingredients for the meantime.


So after 20 minutes in that grocery aisle, holding a product, putting it back on the shelf, getting it back…I swear the security guard started to frequent roving that aisle then. Sige na kinuha ko na. (Php200 at Parco.)


I thought it was going to be a purchase fail because the previous similar products (including a leave-in conditioner from Pantene also) I bought that came out in white cream form made my hair feel greasy.

But this didn’t. It did feel a bit lotion-y when applying it on hair, but after leaving it alone na, the product probably settled into the hair already so my hair feels softer, even at the ends/tips. No greasiness, no icky heavy-residue feel, not even that weird velvet silicone weigh-down feel. It may have given my hair a bit more shine, but nothing so spectacular, especially since it’s called a ‘shine-booster’.

I used it when I haven’t washed my hair for a few days, and on the day that I did. Both times the product worked. I do believe I’m going to finish the bottle. HOWEVER: the good effect doesn’t last, because at the end of the day, the product in the hair seems to stiffen up a bit like there’s product buildup.



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