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Recycle Magazine Pages into Envelopes or Gift Sleeves

17 Dec


STEP 1: Get a nice magazine with nice paper and graphic layouts that would like nice even folded up.

I found this boho magazine in a second-hand bookshop for php65 (less than $2). It had such pretty layout and graphics, and interesting, down-to-earth, earth-friendly articles. But I knew I was going to use it for some project. The loose leaf pages above it I got from another magazine of another issue:


STEP 2: Choose your page

STEP 3: Slice as close to binding as possible, with a cutter as much as possible. You don’t need a ruler, let the opposite page be your hand’s guide, for your hand  to rest on while you run the cutter along. Don’t worry if you didn’t make the cut deep enough, it feels good to pull it off easily from the binding 😉

STEP 4: Divide the page as it fits the intended gift or card.


STEP 5: Fold simply into an envelope case (Note to self: post a set of detailed photos for this). Or search for envelope templates on the web. Cut the corners at angles, and one of the sections,  to make flaps easily. I used double-sided tape instead of glue for a faster and smoother finish (no unsightly bumps).


I like to divide the tape to save 🙂


STEP 6: Adorn. Pressed for time, I just punched out shapes from plain-colored contrasting paper and stuck it (with glue, this time) there. You can place it anywhere, and use flat-backed beads, ribbons and other scrapbooking material embellishments. Done!


What the bell, I put two more


I also wanted to use these ready-made angpao envelopes from Daiso, but these pages were so pretty! The chartreuse against the gingham, and the aqua….

For the earrings I bought here (the teachers), I cut a section from the back of the magazine to use as earrings backing. I love this print!

I made another envelope from a full black-&-white-photo page that just had a little pop of color from the text.


Funny, but this issue was published way back in 2009, and this was the trend


But it just recently got big here, and it’s all over the bazaars like this one, stores, and fashion blogs. No complaints, they do look nice.

Happy gift-giving!


Graphic Design – Print Ad

7 Dec

ImageOpened up the paper and saw this layout I liked. It was clean and organized. Text and design elements were properly quantified, sized and distributed. Hence, uncluttered but not boring. Information is easily conveyed by the layout, the reader won’t have trouble understanding what the ad is about.


It made me want to buy their product (yun nga lang their product gave me enlarged pores beside the nose area, a long time ago, so their formulation must have been changed over the years. but still.). This is how a catalog layout should be.

Can’t say the same for the Loreal ad at the back. Different layout artist? Anyway, forgot to take a pic 😦

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