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Daiso loot

1 Dec

Wandered into Daiso in Waltermart, Q.C. a few days ago. Just looking. Then turned into an aisle and knew I was done for.



And some things I like as well —


they also had these fabric mousepads


And the stickers to match those tin cases! But before I was able to take a better photo, I was approached by the

“Ma’am, sorry po, bawal ang picture, pasensya na po.”

29112012871 Fine. Ayawnyodiwag. bahalakayo.

And in case you missed that pink placemat, another photo:

29112012867 So English-pretty. Care for a cupa teee?

But wherever Daiso gets these placemats, Dimensione probably gets from the same supplier as well. Saw them have the SAME placemats at one time. And I got this pack of playing cards at Dimensione:


So here’s what I bought after so much deliberation.

Sentimental Circus — my new passion-obsesssion — uber cute!


Alas, they only have notebooks. No matter. It’s my first Sentimental Circus item (sniff). And it doesn’t cost an arm. 66 pesos (88 for the bigger ones). Sige, i’ll get two, please. Oh Sentimental Circus, you are Hello Kitty, My Melody and  a Victorian Moulin Rouge rolled into one.

I love notebooks but my rule is to have design on the pages. Doesn’t matter how pretty the cover is.

Then, I got these as well, of course

DSCN0878 Pretty tin boxes


a stamp kit


I even got angpao envelopes the likes of which I’ve never seen before — or, gee, I probably don’t get angpao from a lot of people.

Whatever, it’s still well-designed paper.

DSCN0874 Each pack of 6 comes with at least 2 designs. And at php44 a pack. Cool.

DSCN0875 So ornate.

And some miscellaneous item. I might need this for something.

DSCN0880 S-hooks

Yari ang budget. Till next time.


New Anime store

28 Nov

Was on my way to get a haircut when I was waylaid by a new store in the building.

I am not an anime collector nor avid audience of anime shows, but I love Japan, Japanese stuff, kawaii,

and I appreciate this store — maybe more for the fact that they set up shop in this building.

I am betting they will not renew their contract here. Malakas ang turnover ng tenants dito 😦

So I made the most of their albeit temporary stay here.

i looked my fill

There’s Rilakkuma, Hello Kitty, One-Piece, HatsuneMiku, etc.

And their staff are dressed like Japanese schoolgirls. The outfit may already be cosplay here but in Japan that’s just ordinary school uniform. so cool Japan.

this is their website (didn’t seem to be working as of this time)

But you can visit them at Victoria Tower, Timog Ave. cor. Panay Ave., Quezon City

or call them 384-8704

P.S. Forgive me if I don’t seem to be a very efficient blogger, i’m still a virgin at this. But I am going to try to keep up this blogging effort and eventually i will get the hang of it 🙂

Oh and this is where I got my haircut, just up the next  floor (picture taken a year ago, after they renovated)

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