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Rise of the Guardians

4 Dec


There are only 2 types of movies I go out of the house to pay to watch. That the action/suspense/thriller and the kiddie/comedy.  I watch kiddie movies not because I’m a pedophile but because I have kids of my own who ask me to take them to the movies 😛

Now while the Paranormal series is probably in a sick category all its own, I’ll classify it in the acn/sus/thr category. And TED is a comedy but hardly for the kids.


I am not a stickler when it comes to children’s movies. As long as my kids enjoy it and I don’t fall asleep,  it’s good.  Nowadays, kids’ movies pretty much appeal to adults as well. And while Rise of the Guardians can’t compare with Peter Jackson’s grandiose epic The Lord of the Rings, the former holds up with an offering of  a visual feast and a meaningful but understandable story.


Can’t say the same for Happy Feet, though — it’s trying to be relevant with environmental issues that the filmmakers couldn’t simplify for the young minds to comprehend. And they tried to be sneaky with sexy undertones by all that big courtship scene. Ugh. (I just hope I got the right movie.)

Before I get carried away, here are my favorite characters in the movie:





Sandy at work:




and even though he’s powerful and fierce underneath, he’s still basically such a gentle guardian. Just look at that face


the Baby Teeth


And the Tooth Fairy may not be one of my faves, but she was so colorful


and so was her domain


Bunnymund wasn’t my fave either but I also loved his Warren


I’m going to be fair and give the least popular character face time:


Well, what can I say? I’m a visual person and I just loved the background scenery. As for the actors, I never would have guessed Alec Baldwin was behind Santa’s voice, and I was positive Paul Bettany was Pitch—wrong again, it was Jude Law!

I give this movie 4.5 out of 5.  All images from Dreamworks.

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