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Looking Forward To The Markdowns After Christmas

27 Dec

At SM The Block, Nature Republic got me excited about their 50% discount on some major face creams

nature republic

Everything in this section of the store (shown below) are 50% off (until supplies last). Everything else is 10%-20% off.

nature republic

They heralded their natural ingredients


And so then I was so going to get this (this will only be php500 – or just over 10 bucks – after discount)

nature republic argan nutrixer

But stopped when I read the ingredients Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Propylene Glycol… thanks.  I am limiting my toxic or highly-probable-toxic compound intake, and I refuse to be sucked into the fancy advertising campaigns. No matter how pretty. I am sticking to my locally-produced, very reasonably priced, healthy skincare:


Human Heart Nature boasts of using over 90% natural ingredients in their products, and that they eliminate the downright bad chemical ingredients out of them (SLES, parabens, mineral oils, phtalates, etc.–really scary stuff).


Some of their other items:

human heart nature products

I’m not a dealer, I’m just a big fan of non-toxic products. Check out their website.

Bye, Nature Republic. Thanks, Miss Salesperson, you’ve been nice and helpful anyway


Hello, Mango sale


and the store beside you is on sale, too


And a host of other stores are on sale as well. That is why I held off going on a shopping spree before the holidays. Hope I still have money.


Does This Look Like A Funny Guy To You?

17 Dec


How bout this guy?

gary trainor

No, they’re not funny, they’re HILARIOUS!

If you missed their show, Potted Potter, here in Manila, start saving up for their comeback performance on January 20 – February 3, 2013, still at the RCBC Plaza In Makati (Buendia Ave. corner Ayala Ave.). Click the graphic below for online tickets and reservations:


This is why I try to live simply, so me and my family of five can get tickets at almost three grand a piece. Haaay…

Tickets run from php936 to  a pocket-busting php3,068. Go look for your ninongs and ninangs now.

Can you imagine ALL seven books in SEVEN minutes? I was a bit dubious myself, but I am so glad we went. Keep in mind, the venue is not big, so if you are planning to watch on a WEEKEND, please buy early.


Just to give you a sense of the size of the venue. Not a basis for ticket availability.


As of this post, the Friday schedule – Feb 1 – is SOLD  OUT. Told you so.


World Bazaar Festival Cardio Workout

12 Dec

If you’ve been to this bazaar anytime since last Friday, Dec. 7, or the past few years for that matter, you probably haven’t seen the facade so deserted. Unless you got there an hour before it opened.


That’s the way to do bazaars in December: you go there at least an hour early so you get first dibs on parking and merchandise.

But if you’re like me who like to scout around the WHOLE selling area — all 11,300 sqm (and then some)–before committing to the first purchase, then you’re going to lose out on that blouse you’ve been heehawing for half an hour–and trying the tindera’s patience–before you pass on, thinking you just need to think on it  and just come back for it later.

Needless to say, I left with not a lot of purchases (because I also hated to part with my money on impulse buys), next to no photos taken, and aching feet and back.

The only other photo I took is of a top I bought from my friend who regularly gets her stuff in Bangkok herself.


Got this for only 380, I like it and I’m going to wear it soon.

So if you’re trekking to one of the bazaars anytime soon, keep some things in mind, like

  1. DON’T take very young children with you, coz I got 3 words for you: CROWDS, TRAMPLE, LOST. The poor kids do not deserve to be dragged around in this circus. If you can’t leave the kids at home,
  2. DO wear comfy shoes. Bazaars are hunting grounds, not a mall-strolling experience. You don’t want your photo taken in one of these for-everyall bazaars, in all your glam fashionista glory. you?
  3. DO bring cash. Rarely do stalls have their own credit card facilities so you will have to jostle your way out to the event organizer’s section to have your card swiped. That is, if the vendor agrees to a credit purchase. They rarely do because for one, the organizers take a percentage off of the sale amount for what, I do not know. What I do know is applying surcharges on purchases are prohibited by DTI. And then second, the vendor’s take home profit is lessened because he/she has to wait for the organizer to reimburse the purchase.
  4. DON’T bring sick people, or your sick self. 3 words: CROWDS, PROXIMITY, CONTAGIOUS.
  5. DON’T forget the reusable bags, and the indays, yayas and boys who will carry the laden ones for you. Teeheee 🙂
  6. DO make the yayas stand in line for you if you get there before doors open. Kasi naman, pagod na ko hindi pa ko nakakapasok. Kaya lang wala nga pala akong yaya.
  7. DO wear comfy clothing. Easy to take off in case you need to fit garments in teeny tiney makeshift changing spaces — or semi fitted garments to make it easy to just pull on a try-on outfit. So no fastenings as much as possible, and has a bit of a stretch, too. And also for the reason given in item #2.

Accessorize is on SALE!

8 Dec

0712201291950% off on EVERYTHING in the store! (This is their Trinoma branch, stolen shot. Siyempre no pic-taking allowed na naman. Haay, I’m so pathetic. I ask permission kasi coz I want to take good photos.)

Heniway, the sale is the genuine article because:

  1. They don’t look like they put out a whole new inventory to mark down. Things on sale are actually what were already being sold at regular price before.
  2. They don’t hold markdowns often so they are able to bring everything down to half-price at once.
  3. Every. single. item. is. half-price.
  4. Month-long sale, started yesterday, ends January

Even though I am so excited, I only ended up buying two things. I’m practicing practicality and frugality. Really.

photo(13) Nice, ain’t it? I like the pretty, delicate ones. Not so much the big, garish, chunky ones. Even nicer: they were php300 each, now php150 each na lang.

DSCN0956 The one at the top is the evil eye amulet, said to ward off glances with bad intentions, and the one at the bottom is a short chain link with black cord attached.

DSCN0953Arm candy! I’m going to wear them both at the same time.

I like this as arm candy, too.

michael fassbender

If you want to ogle more of their items in their UK website (not everything is available here, though), click on the photo below:


I still have a few other items I have been eyeing for sometime now. I may visit other branches :

Festival Supermall Alabang
Alabang Town Centre
SM Southmall
SM Mall of Asia
SM Manila North
Greenbelt 5
Glorietta 3
Edsa Shangri-La
Robinson’s Place Ermita
Robinson’s Galleria
Marquee Mall Pamapanga
SM Pampanga
SM Davao
SM Cebu
Ayala Cebu
Abreeza Mall

Well, probably not Cebu.

It’s just a few other items. Promise. Oh maybe a gift for my sister. Talaga.


A girl’s take on the Defense And Sporting Arms Show (DSAS) – Manila Auto Salon November 2012 at SMX

2 Dec

Went to the 2-in-1 event at SMX — wow dami tao!

Perfect place for a single gal to go manhunting. Dami guys. Halos puro guys.


Hubby was looking for the brand HK. Just saw one vendor (Nashe Enterprises) carrying them, naubusan pa sya stock. But he was surprised at the price — php80k a piece. Mahal pala. All that going around in a crowded place and getting disappointed made his head start to spin. And we haven’t even gotten to the car show yet.

Still at the gun show —



I liked this advertisement — understated, practical, no-frills macho, with a hint of intimidation and superiority (hint lang ha).

And the guy isn’t bad-looking, either. I like those rugged, traditional, masculine types. But there’s a line between rugged and gusgusin.

Dapat neat din.


I think it’s effective advertising for that knife. ‘This is how you stay alive’. Love the tagline.

I also love the names of these guns


‘Special Purpose’? — is there any other purpose for weapons than to maim? Hahaha — ‘Slugster’, for the gangster? or did they mean Slugger? Oh and my favorite: ‘PERSUADER’.

Who comes up with these names, anyway? The manufacturer, or the dealers? 🙂


On to the car show

30112012891From the entrance at the side, linking the two shows

30112012897 I liked that orange car with the gray combi.


Not your usual golf cart. Except maybe at Wack-Wack, coz it says Wack-Wack on the plate in the front


I like big guys, but not necessarily big vehicles. I just liked the color on this one. It’s a metallic midnight blue.

30112012902 When I was taking this photo, a guy standing by it started to porma in front of it like he wanted me to take a pic of the vehicle with him. Dyahe naman, I didn’t want to take his photo. Maybe if he was straightforward and asked me, I would have! Not yung pa-simpleh na obvious naman. That tactic doesn’t work every time.

And then a mobile showroom. If it had people, gyrating inside, while cruising down the highway or on Edsa during rush hour, will it be pulled over by the MMDA?


I also liked the paintjob on this car — a matte, gunmetal gray


it was exhibited by this company


And speaking of finish, this one caught my eye because I thought it looked like a nice nail polish color


I would  have taken more if my phone didn’t die out on me. The scantily-clad models wouldn’t have been my priority, though. Of course they are half the attraction (for the men) to these kind of events. But can’t you guys —and even the girls — have some class and dignity by having the models parade alongside the cars maybe looking like this instead


Thumbs Down:

1 The way the women were paraded like meat, and some of them looked bored, tired, impatient, blase

2 Loser points for guys having their pics taken with these women, as in one guy to a model. Okay lang kung group pic. Mas mukhang for fun, mas may dignity. Totoo.

3 Exhibit overall wasn’t impressive, venue not designed well, and not much vehicle variety

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