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11 Jan

My bag is heavy because of these


I know, my shoulder is screaming DUAL SIM PHONES. Three of them I own (some of the oldest models but they still work well—so cool) and inherited two from my mom who’s abroad, so I gotta take her calls. Maybe I should get one of these, THE CHEAPEST DUAL SIM PHONE ON THE PLANET:


that went as low as this — gaaahh!


php499 (about 12 bucks??), and php599, which is only about 15 bucks. Holy cow.

And if I want it with a camera, it’s just an additional 2 dollars:

Cherry Mobile C8 dual sim with camera

Cherry Mobile C8 dual sim with camera

Meanwhile, the phones don’t roll around in my bag knocking each other because I like to keep them in this nifty little CHEAPEST POUCH ON EARTH


50 pesos (less than a dollar) for the pouch, has 3 compartments. So I got two. Because I don’t need to spend as much as USD30 on this to house my old phones

The Montgomery Street Case from Acme Made

The Montgomery Street Case from Acme Made

I’m sure this is well made, and mine isn’t as padded or cushy, but I’ll settle for that 🙂



Remember magazines?

14 Dec

I still love reading glossies, I have a big stash of back issues all around the house. I love it when I come across relationship/marriage tips like this (from Goodhousekeeping Phils)


or a funny picture like this — sort of a layout fail, or was it deliberate? Just which ‘egg’ are they referring to?


“Secrets are revealed and new memories are created right in your kitchen.” Riiight.

This was taken from this magazine


And found this good tip for entertaining as well


Sadly, I only got to read them again because I went to the doctor. Doctor = looong wait = magazines + tab + globe tattoo.

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