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“It’s not about me–it’s you. So, what do you think about me?”

14 Dec

gettyimagesThat was a line I heard from a movie. I can’t recall which one, though.

I have put off blogging for so long, that’s why this blog is new, basic and almost bare. I’m a visual person so I love blogs that are full of images and vectors, whether moving or not. Well, that’s my goal, and so far, I’m keeping this up, with all the stuff I have yet to post and all the elements of a blog I have yet to tweak.


Although it is not easy for me, it is so much work. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Because I like to share stuff and speak my mind. And I am a frustrated photographer. So there are so many things I want to learn to do and want to do. And now with Pinterest, my list keeps getting longer.


This may not be a glamorous fashion or beauty blog, but so far, I just want to share whatever I feel like. And that may be mostly what revolves around the life of a frugal wife and mom with a bit of kikay and a lot of the designer left in her. Yup, hence the plain blog. Hehehe.

So here’s to doggedness, blogging, shopping and family. Let’s all try to have a good and interesting life next year, with a lot of faith in and guidance from the Almighty Big Boss Upstairs.



World Bazaar Festival Cardio Workout

12 Dec

If you’ve been to this bazaar anytime since last Friday, Dec. 7, or the past few years for that matter, you probably haven’t seen the facade so deserted. Unless you got there an hour before it opened.


That’s the way to do bazaars in December: you go there at least an hour early so you get first dibs on parking and merchandise.

But if you’re like me who like to scout around the WHOLE selling area — all 11,300 sqm (and then some)–before committing to the first purchase, then you’re going to lose out on that blouse you’ve been heehawing for half an hour–and trying the tindera’s patience–before you pass on, thinking you just need to think on itย  and just come back for it later.

Needless to say, I left with not a lot of purchases (because I also hated to part with my money on impulse buys), next to no photos taken, and aching feet and back.

The only other photo I took is of a top I bought from my friend who regularly gets her stuff in Bangkok herself.


Got this for only 380, I like it and I’m going to wear it soon.

So if you’re trekking to one of the bazaars anytime soon, keep some things in mind, like

  1. DON’T take very young children with you, coz I got 3 words for you: CROWDS, TRAMPLE, LOST. The poor kids do not deserve to be dragged around in this circus. If you can’t leave the kids at home,
  2. DO wear comfy shoes. Bazaars are hunting grounds, not a mall-strolling experience. You don’t want your photo taken in one of these for-everyall bazaars, in all your glam fashionista glory. you?
  3. DO bring cash. Rarely do stalls have their own credit card facilities so you will have to jostle your way out to the event organizer’s section to have your card swiped. That is, if the vendor agrees to a credit purchase. They rarely do because for one, the organizers take a percentage off of the sale amount for what, I do not know. What I do know is applying surcharges on purchases are prohibited by DTI. And then second, the vendor’s take home profit is lessened because he/she has to wait for the organizer to reimburse the purchase.
  4. DON’T bring sick people, or your sick self. 3 words: CROWDS, PROXIMITY, CONTAGIOUS.
  5. DON’T forget the reusable bags, and the indays, yayas and boys who will carry the laden ones for you. Teeheee ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. DO make the yayas stand in line for you if you get there before doors open. Kasi naman, pagod na ko hindi pa ko nakakapasok. Kaya lang wala nga pala akong yaya.
  7. DO wear comfy clothing. Easy to take off in case you need to fit garments in teeny tiney makeshift changing spaces — or semi fitted garments to make it easy to just pull on a try-on outfit. So no fastenings as much as possible, and has a bit of a stretch, too. And also for the reason given in item #2.

Accessorize is on SALE!

8 Dec

0712201291950% off on EVERYTHING in the store! (This is their Trinoma branch, stolen shot. Siyempre no pic-taking allowed na naman. Haay, I’m so pathetic. I ask permission kasi coz I want to take good photos.)

Heniway, the sale is the genuine article because:

  1. They don’t look like they put out a whole new inventory to mark down. Things on sale are actually what were already being sold at regular price before.
  2. They don’t hold markdowns often so they are able to bring everything down to half-price at once.
  3. Every. single. item. is. half-price.
  4. Month-long sale, started yesterday, ends January

Even though I am so excited, I only ended up buying two things. I’m practicing practicality and frugality. Really.

photo(13) Nice, ain’t it? I like the pretty, delicate ones. Not so much the big, garish, chunky ones. Even nicer: they were php300 each, now php150 each na lang.

DSCN0956 The one at the top is the evil eye amulet, said to ward off glances with bad intentions, and the one at the bottom is a short chain link with black cord attached.

DSCN0953Arm candy! I’m going to wear them both at the same time.

I like this as arm candy, too.

michael fassbender

If you want to ogle more of their items in their UK website (not everything is available here, though), click on the photo below:


I still have a few other items I have been eyeing for sometime now. I may visit other branches :

Festival Supermall Alabang
Alabang Town Centre
SM Southmall
SM Mall of Asia
SM Manila North
Greenbelt 5
Glorietta 3
Edsa Shangri-La
Robinson’s Place Ermita
Robinson’s Galleria
Marquee Mall Pamapanga
SM Pampanga
SM Davao
SM Cebu
Ayala Cebu
Abreeza Mall

Well, probably not Cebu.

It’s just a few other items. Promise. Oh maybe a gift for my sister. Talaga.


Pantene Natural Shine Booster Essence

7 Dec

DSCN0938 I have a case of the grass-is-greener-on-the-other-side-of-the-fence. I envy long, smooth, soft manes that thick and wavy but not poufy. My hair is thick but buhaghag. When I move my head to shake my hair around, the hair is NOT going to fall back in place.

It was long and I had it rebonded. But I am tired of the high-maintenance rebond, the long and painful process, the cost of a good product/salon, and I got scared na of the chemicals.

So nagpakatotoo na ko. Since I outgrew the rebonded hair, I cut it short at lumabas na ang kulot. But I still want soft, shiny hair.

I wanted to adopt a natural, chemical-free lifestyle pero hindi pa ko ready to wash it in beer, coat it in eggs, or smear it with mashed fruit (avocados, bananas…). I’ll take some artificial ingredients for the meantime.


So after 20 minutes in that grocery aisle, holding a product, putting it back on the shelf, getting it back…I swear the security guard started to frequent roving that aisle then. Sige na kinuha ko na. (Php200 at Parco.)


I thought it was going to be a purchase fail because the previous similar products (including a leave-in conditioner from Pantene also) I bought that came out in white cream form made my hair feel greasy.

But this didn’t. It did feel a bit lotion-y when applying it on hair, but after leaving it alone na, the product probably settled into the hair already so my hair feels softer, even at the ends/tips. No greasiness, no icky heavy-residue feel, not even that weird velvet silicone weigh-down feel. It may have given my hair a bit more shine, but nothing so spectacular, especially since it’s called a ‘shine-booster’.

I used it when I haven’t washed my hair for a few days, and on the day that I did. Both times the product worked. I do believe I’m going to finish the bottle. HOWEVER: the good effect doesn’t last, because at the end of the day, the product in the hair seems to stiffen up a bit like there’s product buildup.


Graphic Design – Print Ad

7 Dec

ImageOpened up the paper and saw this layout I liked. It was clean and organized. Text and design elements were properly quantified, sized and distributed. Hence, uncluttered but not boring. Information is easily conveyed by the layout, the reader won’t have trouble understanding what the ad is about.


It made me want to buy their product (yun nga lang their product gave me enlarged pores beside the nose area, a long time ago, so their formulation must have been changed over the years. but still.). This is how a catalog layout should be.

Can’t say the same for the Loreal ad at the back. Different layout artist? Anyway, forgot to take a pic ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Alba Botanica Green Tea Eye Gel

7 Dec


An eye cream is a must-have skincare item for me. And nowadays I am very picky about how possibly toxic food and skincare could be for me and my family. So my top two choice stores are Healthy Options and Human Heart Nature. No manufactured product is possibly, totally free of any artificial or chemical-based ingredient. So it just boils down to which has the least potentially harmful ingredients ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


So I got this Alba Eye Gel and I like it! Plus for the price point — it’s only around 400 pesos, compared lang kasi with others. Pero grabe, Healthy Options, nagtaas pa kayo presyo ha. When I was just scouting for a new eye cream, parang this one cost less than a hundred bucks in your store. Then when your tv ads came out, ayun na. Kaya scary when a company starts beefing up their advertising efforts.

Pero bumili pa rin ako. Haynako.


Product is in clear gel form that comes out through the pump dispenser bottle. Very mild, almost undetectable, sweetly citrus scent.

One drop/pump is all you need to spread product around eye area (matipid!). Remember to apply by smoothing product along the skin surface and briskly tapping with fingers–I believe that this drumming technique aids blood circulation as well. Avoid using motions that pull the skin. Use religiously twice a day–in the morning after bath, before makeup, and before (preferable early) bedtime, after washing your face.

Alas, I like to sleep around midnight, so I think this product works because ordinarily, when I keep staying up this late, Iwill look like death warmed over the next morning. Somehow this product keeps the dark circles and wrinkles at bay by keeping the skin supple. I like it and will repurchase. Might try other brands in that store but this is the cheapest among them. So until that other store comes up with an eye cream, I will stick with this one.


Rise of the Guardians

4 Dec


There are only 2 types of movies I go out of the house to pay to watch. That the action/suspense/thriller and the kiddie/comedy.ย  I watch kiddie movies not because I’m a pedophile but because I have kids of my own who ask me to take them to the movies ๐Ÿ˜›

Now while the Paranormal series is probably in a sick category all its own, I’ll classify it in the acn/sus/thr category. And TED is a comedy but hardly for the kids.


I am not a stickler when it comes to children’s movies. As long as my kids enjoy it and I don’t fall asleep,ย  it’s good.ย  Nowadays, kids’ movies pretty much appeal to adults as well. And while Rise of the Guardians can’t compare with Peter Jackson’s grandiose epic The Lord of the Rings, the former holds up with an offering ofย  a visual feast and a meaningful but understandable story.


Can’t say the same for Happy Feet, though — it’s trying to be relevant with environmental issues that the filmmakers couldn’t simplify for the young minds to comprehend. And they tried to be sneaky with sexy undertones by all that big courtship scene. Ugh. (I just hope I got the right movie.)

Before I get carried away, here are my favorite characters in the movie:





Sandy at work:




and even though he’s powerful and fierce underneath, he’s still basically such a gentle guardian. Just look at that face


the Baby Teeth


And the Tooth Fairy may not be one of my faves, but she was so colorful


and so was her domain


Bunnymund wasn’t my fave either but I also loved his Warren


I’m going to be fair and give the least popular character face time:


Well, what can I say? I’m a visual person and I just loved the background scenery. As for the actors, I never would have guessed Alec Baldwin was behind Santa’s voice, and I was positive Paul Bettany was Pitch—wrong again, it was Jude Law!

I give this movie 4.5 out of 5.ย  All images from Dreamworks.

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