Does This Look Like A Funny Guy To You?

17 Dec


How bout this guy?

gary trainor

No, they’re not funny, they’re HILARIOUS!

If you missed their show, Potted Potter, here in Manila, start saving up for their comeback performance on January 20 – February 3, 2013, still at the RCBC Plaza In Makati (Buendia Ave. corner Ayala Ave.). Click the graphic below for online tickets and reservations:


This is why I try to live simply, so me and my family of five can get tickets at almost three grand a piece. Haaay…

Tickets run from php936 to  a pocket-busting php3,068. Go look for your ninongs and ninangs now.

Can you imagine ALL seven books in SEVEN minutes? I was a bit dubious myself, but I am so glad we went. Keep in mind, the venue is not big, so if you are planning to watch on a WEEKEND, please buy early.


Just to give you a sense of the size of the venue. Not a basis for ticket availability.


As of this post, the Friday schedule – Feb 1 – is SOLD  OUT. Told you so.



Recycle Magazine Pages into Envelopes or Gift Sleeves

17 Dec


STEP 1: Get a nice magazine with nice paper and graphic layouts that would like nice even folded up.

I found this boho magazine in a second-hand bookshop for php65 (less than $2). It had such pretty layout and graphics, and interesting, down-to-earth, earth-friendly articles. But I knew I was going to use it for some project. The loose leaf pages above it I got from another magazine of another issue:


STEP 2: Choose your page

STEP 3: Slice as close to binding as possible, with a cutter as much as possible. You don’t need a ruler, let the opposite page be your hand’s guide, for your hand  to rest on while you run the cutter along. Don’t worry if you didn’t make the cut deep enough, it feels good to pull it off easily from the binding 😉

STEP 4: Divide the page as it fits the intended gift or card.


STEP 5: Fold simply into an envelope case (Note to self: post a set of detailed photos for this). Or search for envelope templates on the web. Cut the corners at angles, and one of the sections,  to make flaps easily. I used double-sided tape instead of glue for a faster and smoother finish (no unsightly bumps).


I like to divide the tape to save 🙂


STEP 6: Adorn. Pressed for time, I just punched out shapes from plain-colored contrasting paper and stuck it (with glue, this time) there. You can place it anywhere, and use flat-backed beads, ribbons and other scrapbooking material embellishments. Done!


What the bell, I put two more


I also wanted to use these ready-made angpao envelopes from Daiso, but these pages were so pretty! The chartreuse against the gingham, and the aqua….

For the earrings I bought here (the teachers), I cut a section from the back of the magazine to use as earrings backing. I love this print!

I made another envelope from a full black-&-white-photo page that just had a little pop of color from the text.


Funny, but this issue was published way back in 2009, and this was the trend


But it just recently got big here, and it’s all over the bazaars like this one, stores, and fashion blogs. No complaints, they do look nice.

Happy gift-giving!


Off with the heads! Etude Green Tea Nose Pack Review

17 Dec


It’s time. Blackheads have never failed me, they have been with me since grade school and never left my nose. My only effective alternative to painful derma extraction was the Pond’s Nose Strip that has been AWOL  for a long time now.

Then suddenly, there was the Skinfood Black Bean Nose Pack for me, tried it, and forgot about that Pond’s watchamacallit. But I have to have alternatives to the alternative in case  the latter becomes AWOL as well.


As usual, richly-colored, sticky side protected by the plastic sheet is the side you stick on your skin. Rough side is exposed to air. These products love a very wet nose to adhere to. Smooth it down on your skin, making sure it sticks to every millimeter of skin area, especially the ones covered by blackheads, and get into the valley on either side of the nose.

Now find a place to hide while you wait for that strip to stiffen up and dry out. Your boyfriend or husband does NOT need to see these routines.


Mmmm, smells like mildly green tea-minty, mashed adzuki beans.


Hope you weren’t eating when you saw that.

Another great blackhead-removing strip. Two down, four to go.

Eastwood City Bazaar – Mall and Plaza

17 Dec


Seems so nice to live in a community like Eastwood City if you work there, too, because everything is pretty close to each other. You would be within walking distance of shopping, entertainment, work and leisure activities. It’s a good-sized community, not like BGC/The Fort, where you will need a vehicle to, say, go from Market Market to the UCC Coffee Shop (UCC Cafe Terrace) at the Forbes Town Center.

bonifacio high street

bonifacio high street

And unlike Rockwell where the environment is kinda limited to the  snooty uppercrust side.

rockwell land

rockwell land


So in Eastwood City, for shopping, you have the mall for the pricey stores and the City Walk and Cybermall for cheaper, but not necessarily all cheap and tacky, alternatives. Eastwood City is, in and around, peppered with highend stores at the ground level of the condominiums, and they often hold bazaars (and shows) at the City Walk Central Plaza under the tent like this one they were holding when I was there last week.



where I got these:


from this seller who had these as well:

90 pesos a necklace

90 pesos a necklace

php90 hanging above, php200 chokers displayed below

php90 hanging above, php200 chokers displayed below

php50 a pair of earrings

php50 a pair of earrings

Gee, if they sell these earrings at 5o a pair, how much did they get them from their suppliers? 20-30 pesos? And those local suppliers probably got those from China at what, 100 pesos for a dozen pairs?? Anyway, I’m still stoked that I got these, still considerably cheaper than if I traipsed to Divisoria in December.

Then in Eastwood Mall, they were having a bazaar of accessories as well:

Eastwood Mall bazaar

Eastwood Mall bazaar



(Sigh) Some people can’t look away when they see a camera that’s not really aimed at them. Clearly, my telepathic powers didn’t work that time (Gee, lady, get out of the way, I am not taking your picture!)

Anyway, so happy I got these as my daughter’s gifts for some of her friends


I also got something else at the mall which I ate up a lot of my time before deciding to buy. But I’m saving that for another post. Hint: They just wouldn’t let you go!

Remember magazines?

14 Dec

I still love reading glossies, I have a big stash of back issues all around the house. I love it when I come across relationship/marriage tips like this (from Goodhousekeeping Phils)


or a funny picture like this — sort of a layout fail, or was it deliberate? Just which ‘egg’ are they referring to?


“Secrets are revealed and new memories are created right in your kitchen.” Riiight.

This was taken from this magazine


And found this good tip for entertaining as well


Sadly, I only got to read them again because I went to the doctor. Doctor = looong wait = magazines + tab + globe tattoo.


14 Dec

I knew my foray into the Accessorize sale isn’t done yet, but I hadn’t realized it was going to be so soon after the first. So with another trip to that store, this time in Greenbelt (it was accidental–I swear!), I think I got what I missed in the Trinoma store.


Accessorize, you are such a pretty store. I just love  cute, pretty and colorful stuff, and glittery and shiny stuff. Just like almost any normal girl. Now I told myself I’m finally satisfied–until the next accidental trip, say, just before the sale ends in January?:D

Got a couple to give as gifts and a couple for myself. Racked up less than a thousand pesos for this loot. Not bad at all.

“It’s not about me–it’s you. So, what do you think about me?”

14 Dec

gettyimagesThat was a line I heard from a movie. I can’t recall which one, though.

I have put off blogging for so long, that’s why this blog is new, basic and almost bare. I’m a visual person so I love blogs that are full of images and vectors, whether moving or not. Well, that’s my goal, and so far, I’m keeping this up, with all the stuff I have yet to post and all the elements of a blog I have yet to tweak.


Although it is not easy for me, it is so much work. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. Because I like to share stuff and speak my mind. And I am a frustrated photographer. So there are so many things I want to learn to do and want to do. And now with Pinterest, my list keeps getting longer.


This may not be a glamorous fashion or beauty blog, but so far, I just want to share whatever I feel like. And that may be mostly what revolves around the life of a frugal wife and mom with a bit of kikay and a lot of the designer left in her. Yup, hence the plain blog. Hehehe.

So here’s to doggedness, blogging, shopping and family. Let’s all try to have a good and interesting life next year, with a lot of faith in and guidance from the Almighty Big Boss Upstairs.


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