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The Grinch After Christmas

27 Dec

Wait, what? That was it??


A family member of ours was in the hospital…

We woke up to the sound of ambulances and fire trucks

because a big fire burned down a house and killed its inhabitants early Christmas morning—

while we watched helplessly from only a block away.

There were no songs playing in the house, tv wasn’t turned on, no excited chatter among milling family members—we have a rather big, extended family all living together–kind of.

The living room was empty!


And the next day, I went to the mall, and there were more people than there were right before Christmas!

So why was I there? Because I went to my dentist.

The Metro Manila Film Festival may well be one of the factors to the surge of mall population because the cinema areas were so packed



This was at the theaters at The Block which wasn’t as bad as in the main mall, where I couldn’t take a picture because I couldn’t even stick my hand in my bag to take out my camera. We were like sardines in a can, or the MRT during rush hour.

Consequently, lines to the parking places and the toilets were long.

So why was I grumpy again? Oh yeah. I got my period.


Good thing animals are funny.

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